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About Me

Hi there, thanks for taking your time checking out my blog.

My name is Billy Simmonds and I’m an Australian, lover of the ocean, animals and changing the world by helping others and leading by example.

I am an Australian Professional Natural Bodybuilder, Powerlifter, Martial Artist and Vegan. Currently working as a Stunt Performer and Nutrition Consultant. I was the winner of the 2009 Mr. Universe title, hold multiple Black-belts in Martial Arts and have set world titles performing feats of strength. I am passionate advocate of a vegan lifestyle for its health, environmental and ethical benefits.

My Interests include:

  • Natural Bodybuilding
  • Martial Arts
  • Screen and television
  • Environmentalism
  • Writing
  • Powerlifting
  • Business
  • Philosophy
  • Public Speaking
Mr Universe 2009

2009 Mr Universe via the International Natural Bodybuilding Association

Surfing clears the head

Getting in the ocean with the sun just up is the best way to start any day.

Yes, I am Batman!

One of my many alter egos as a performer. Yes I did get to drive the Batmobile!